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John V.

I enjoy being an active person, playing sports, and playing with my kids. As I have reached my mid 40’s I’ve noticed that I’m more susceptible to injury, especially lower back pain. In my mind I’m twenty -something, but my body knows better. Nevertheless, seemingly unaccountable chronic back pain made me resolve to look for a long term solution rather than mere temporary relief that Ibuprofen, ice packs, and sports cream can provide.

I found Dr. David Kuo. He found that I had a herniated disc! Fortunately, Dr. Kuo had a plan to help me out. I had gotten myself into this situation through a lot of wear and tear. It would take some time to retrain and repair my body. I had frequent back spasms, alignment issues which I was compensating for, plus the compressed vertebrae. It was quite a reality check. At the same time, Dr. Kuo expressed confidence and compassion that I could improve. At first my back spasms and alignment were the primary areas of treatment.

Later on, I received treatment that would help relieve and repair the herniated disc. I was also taught a number of exercises to help maintain and improve my back and whole body. Dr. Kuo himself knows what it’s like to experience back pain. I’m glad that I found Dr. Kuo and am hopeful that I am on the road to long term back health.