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Doniele M.

A couple years ago I injured my back at work. I have been wanting to find a new chiropractor for a while, now I needed to find a good one …fast! After some research, I decided to go to Dr. David Kuo.

I could tell immediately that I had made the right choice with him during our initial meeting. I expected that as a doctor he would know his stuff, but it was the passion and emotion in the way he was speaking about what was happening with me that let me know that I absolutely had the right Dr. for my back issues. I had the feeling that he was not just taking my issues very seriously, but also, very personally.

Dr. Kuo let me know exactly what to expect. The price was right. And he gave me a definite “end date”, (unlike my last chiropractor, which made me feel that I was just being milked for cash!). Not only did he fix me up proper on his end, he gave me stretches and exercises specifically to my issue to take care of myself on my end.

My back issues are not major, but they are chronic. I have continued with Dr Kuo for regular maintenance after my initial issues were resolved. And thanks to him, I have not had another debilitating episode in the time I’ve been in his care, and as anyone who has suffered from back issues will tell you…that is the name of the game! I am so grateful to have been led to him!!!