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Dr. David Kuo

Dr. David Kuo graduated from McGill University and Southern California University of Health and Science. He worked on his master degree in Neuroscience at Montreal General Hospital, and interned at Pasadena University Health Center.

Due to a life altering personal experience following a low back injury with severe, crippling pain, Dr. Kuo became determined to learn as much as possible about this type of injury and how to help people with similar problems.

His focused education and training has allowed him to be one of the most respected members of the UMC team. He is an expert in his field whose counsel is respected and often sought by more senior practitioners. Dr. Kuo is a dedicated doctor determined to provide the highest quality of care to people who are injured or in pain. Helping people in distress is a personal challenge and passion for him. He believes in the human body’s natural capacity to heal itself with proper guidance.

When he’s not treating patients, he enjoys basketball, track and field, and Tae Kwon Do. He is also a classically trained violinist. Dr. Kuo has a strong belief in family and his relationship with God guides him in all aspects of his life.