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Aurora D.

“In 2003, I went through an emergency L4-L5 fusion surgery in my lumbar area because one of the nerve was pinched. It was a 15 hours major surgery.

After the surgery, I attended some therapy session, such as knee and pool therapy to ease the pain and mobility in both of my knees.

And since then; I still suffer some pain, in my lower back, neck, leg and arm, especially when I wake up in the morning. I feel like carrying a heavy brick in my lower back, stiffness in my neck and shoulder, hamstring tendonitis in my left knee and left arm.

Having a back, neck, leg and arm pain is not easy to handle in everyday life. But with the help of Dr. David Kuo, who does the chiropractic treatment for my L4-L5 fusion, neck, leg and arm helps me to live on and do my daily routine every day.

From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Kuo for your chiropractic treatment. By using the electrical stimulation for my neck, leg and arm, it helps me a lot to alleviate the pain that I am suffering and I don’t have to undergo to another painful surgery that takes time to heal the pain.

With the chiropractic treatment by Dr. Kuo, the following are some of the benefits:
* First; I can work with much less discomfort.
* Second; Getting out of bed every morning without feeling any creaks, stiffness or soreness.
* Thirdly; I traded my cane for snorkel and speedo kickboard and be able to enjoy swimming activity.

With the above benefits that I received, I highly recommend Dr. David Kuo for any chiropractic treatment because he understands what you’re going through with your pain suffering. Thank you Dr. Kuo.